Window falling occurs frequently. Why do high-rises use inward-opening and inner-turning (tilt and turn)windows? Why have many people replaced tilt and turn windows recently?

The reasons for opening windows in high-rise buildings are:
1. Safety first must be considered when opening windows;
2. When some of the outward opening windows are opened and some are not opened, the overall sense of the building’s appearance is destroyed;
3. Open the window outward, the window sash is exposed to the wind, the sun and the rain, and it is easy to fade and corrode.

There are many high-altitude incidents happening now, and children understand that high-rise buildings fall…
Most of the tragedies that happened under the eyes of these parents were due to the long-term safety hazards in the windows and balconies of their homes.
So is there a practical and safe window? Of course there is, that is, the window that opens inside and falls inside!
Inward-opening and inward-turning windows(tilt & turn) (case-hung top-hung windows) can be opened to the room like ordinary inner-case windows, or they can be turned inwards, that is, the lower part of the window does not move, and the upper part tilts toward the room.

Yuqiang wants to say to consumers: Only by having good doors and windows can you withstand wind and rain, withstand pressure, prevent thieves, and protect your family.

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Post time: Mar-15-2022
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