Why do you say that door and window hardware is the heart of doors and windows?

Door and window hardware is an important part of the door and window system. It is the component responsible for closely connecting the frame of the door and window to the sash. Without its existence, the door and window will only become a dead sash, and the meaning of the door and window will be lost.

Hardware accessories are the heart of the door and window system”

Door and window hardware can be divided into opening and closing parts, bearing parts, manipulation parts, and auxiliary parts. Through the matching and integration of the system, it serves the subsystems of the door and window system.


Door and window hardware includes (classified by function):

1. Opening and closing function: handle, crescent lock, push-pull lock,
2. Load-bearing function (the most important part of a door and window): hinge (ordinary flat hinge, C-slot hinge suitable for European standard profiles) , Use heavy-duty hinges with heavy-duty doors and windows, [this hinge is only suitable for inward-opening windows/building doors and windows below 7 floors according to the standard]), hinges (sliding braces) [applicable to outward casement windows and top-hung windows 】,roller

3. Positioning function:

Wind stay, limiters, support arm (for top-hung windows)

4. Transmission function:

Transmission rod (for aluminum alloy windows), transmission device (for plastic windows), transmission box (for relatively high-end casement windows)

5. Locking function:

Lock body, lock block (lock seat)

How to choose the hardware of aluminum alloy doors and windows?

(1) First of all, we must consider the wind pressure resistance, air tightness and stability required for doors and windows:

(2) Choose a hardware manufacturer with quality assurance by the size, aspect ratio, section shape and opening method of the door and window sash. and reasonable hardware accessories;

(3) When there is a wind pressure resistance requirement, the number of lock points and layout plan are determined according to the local wind pressure standard value and the height of the floor to ensure the required wind pressure resistance performance of doors and windows, Air tightness and stability requirements. (4) Ensure safety: At the same time, factors determined by the width and weight of doors and sashes are considered to select the load-bearing grades, specifications, dimensions, etc. of load-bearing components such as window hinges (hinge), sliding braces, and pulleys.

Post time: Mar-21-2022
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