Why do doors and windows have long and short service life

Sometimes you are curious, the windows of relatives have been used for more than ten years without any problem, but the windows of your own have been ventilated in four or five years, not insulated, and closed tightly. In fact, this is also your home. There is a problem with the hardware of the door. Let’s take a look at how critical the door and window hardware parts are to our doors and windows.
The advantages of door and window hardware will obviously endanger the service life of the window. The general hardware application frequency is only 10,000 times, but it can ensure more than 100,000 times of application, and the surface is coated with nanotechnology, anti-corrosion and anti-rust treatment, The surface layer is smooth, the protective layer is close, and the titanium-silver white surface layer really makes your doors and windows guarantee “long life”.

The key to doors and windows is hardware accessories, which can determine the service life of doors and windows, and make doors and windows open in multiple directions for comfortable and natural ventilation, and the quality and price of door and window hardware are also different.
Therefore, on the whole, door and window hardware can be said to be the “cardiovascular” of doors and windows. If there is a problem with “cardiovascular”, then your doors and windows will also have problems. Therefore, when we install doors and windows, we must match them with A good “cardiovascular”.
Naturally, while purchasing good hardware, you must also do a good job in hardware maintenance, such as door handles, door handles made of metal materials can be cleaned with a cleaner. And hardware components such as hinges and transmission systems will also absorb dust during long-term operation. It is recommended to remove up and down every four months, or drop a little grease.

Post time: Mar-11-2022
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