Shandong Yuqiang Hardware Products Co., Ltd. Opening Dinner after Chinese New Year-Qingdao Sales Office

1.Shandong Yuqiang hardware sales business proposed the first sales situation and work plan schedule. First, Mr. Zheng announced the latest price adjustment of door and window hardware and curtain wall hardware and the salary adjustment of business sales personnel, and then each sales business reported the latest sales performance and work ideas.


2.Research and develop new solutions based on the pain points and needs of market customers, such as the new product Window Ventilation installation is convenient and improved, the installation difficulties and pain points of the screw window opener are solved, and the hardware system of the hot-selling product for tilt and turn window lock hardware system is upgraded.


On the one hand, Mr. Zheng wishes everyone a Happy New Year. On the other hand, colleagues greet each other with a Happy New Year. At the same time, everyone will have a dinner together after the New Year to create brilliant achievements for Shandong Yuqiang in the next step.

Post time: Feb-22-2022
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