Intelligent tilt and turn low hung window hardware system

Part one: The creation of Intelligent windows

With the development and progress of society, the era of the interconnection of all things and the sharing of intelligent ecology has arrived. Intelligent homes have entered the home, such as Intelligent refrigerators, Intelligent air conditioners, Intelligent curtains, Intelligent sweeping robots, etc. Have you heard of Intelligent windows? We all know that windows are the eyes of a building, looking at the world outside. Windows serve as communicators between indoors and outdoors, and at the same time provide suitable temperature, humidity, air and light to the interior.

Part two: Intelligent Window Features

First, wind and rain perception, which can control multiple windows, the sensitivity can be set, and the windows are automatically closed in wind and rain.

Second, the voice control window is turned on and off, and the switch window can be easily controlled, and any wake-up word can be changed according to the user’s preference.

Third, security protection, automatic fire alarm, and automatic opening of windows to exhaust smoke

Fourth, WeChat applet control, remote setting of various switch window modes

Fifth, information encryption, improve security specifications, encrypt signals, and ensure the safety of users

Sixth, the automatic return function ensures the correct switch window. Anti-pinch function in case of obstacles, protect your safety at all times

Part three: Use of Intelligent windows

There are three ways to open the Intelligent window: flat open, locked, and suspended. The opening and closing of the window can be controlled through the mobile phone APP, remote control, voice, and panel.


Post time: Mar-18-2022
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