How do you install aluminum turn&tilt window system


1st step Put drive bar and mis-handling device keeper in the middle of the window
2nd step Put the corner,adjust the corner to casement open,1/2 place point
3rd step Put tilt part
4th step the fork of the handle is in correct place,otherwise,you’d better adjust.
5th step measure the aluminium joint plate length (L1=55cm,L2=43.5cm as video show)
6th step adjust the scissor to casement open
7th step install the top hinge to the scissor.
8th step cut the aluminium joint plate according to the measure dimension.
9th step install the aluminium joint plate and window hardware parts.
10th step install the tilt and turn window handle,and keep the handle casement open.
11th step install the top hinge to window sash.
12th step install the bottom hinge to the fix plate,and then to the frame of window.
13th step install the bottom hinge’s plate.
14th step install the tilt stay and tilt support
15th step install two lock keeper
Casement open when you operated the handle,tilt inward when you operated the handle.Finishing the install.
Thank you.

Post time: Mar-11-2022
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