Hardware For UPVC Inward Open Window

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Hardware For UPVC Inward Open Window

The reason why the sashes were opening to the outside was, among other things, that during rain and strong winds the windows were sealed, because the sash pushed the frame. Currently, modern windows opening to the inside meet the most stringent European standards for air tightness and wind pressure.

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Suitable for UPVC window with standard 12/20-9 Euro-slot.
Suitable for sash width FFB: 400mm-1200mm and height FFH: 400mm-2000mm.


1.Conform to standards: GJ/T212-2007 of <General Standard on Hardware of Construction window/door >.
2. Flexible and smooth opening brings you more pleasant, easier and happier feeling.
3. The inside parts are matte- galvanized with trivalent chromium passivation and then protected with sealant lacquer, which guarantees 1000 hours NSS test.. Environmental friendly and no harmful materials.
4. The exposed parts are either treated by anodization or antibacterial powder coating. For anodized parts, the color is gentle and never changed. For powder coating parts, the antibacterial performance conforms to international standard JISZ2801:2000≥2.0.
5. Turn open and open angle can be adjusted by friction stay

The world's favorite lock

No. ltem Name Spec.
1 Handle Powder coating
2 Top Hinge  



Inward-open Espagnolette

4 Keeper  
5 Bottom Hinge Parts(L/R)  


Friction Stay(Optional) 12”

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