Espegnolette/Transimission Device Of UPVC windows

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FOB Price:2.14-2.56USD/Piece

  • Model:YQ2201 Series
  • Brand Name: Yuqiang
  • Type: Espegnolette, Transmission device
  • Usage: Casement window, casement door, sliding door, sliding window and hang window
  • Material: Zinc alloy + Carbon constructional steel
  • Backset: 22.5mm
  • Color: Electrogalvanizing
  • Length Limited(mm): 400, 600, 800, 1000, 1200, 1400
  • Locking Point: 2-3
  • Certificate: GMC, CE, ISO90012008
  • Process: Stamping + Electrogalvanizing + Assembling
  • Surface Treatment: Electrogalvanizing

Limiting the opening Angle of the sash. Its role is:
1 “Prevent strong wind to blow the window sash suddenly closed, damage the window 2″ Prevent children from falling from the window gap
Selects the worry quality (304 “not induces the steel manufacture
In line with China JG/128-2007 gas building doors and Windows hardware sliding support standard
With the improvement of the technology, some parameters will change. Please take the material object as the criterion

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Installation diagram of telescopic brace

Technical specifications
1. Sliding support type hanging window is equipped with light telescopic boom sash ≤40kg, and heavy-duty telescopic boom sash ≤ 120Kg
2. Hook type hanging window is only equipped with heavy-duty telescopic boom sash ≤90kg
3. The telescopic arm is installed at around the same window sash
4. The telescopic boom must be firmly installed and symmetrical to the left and right, so as to ensure synchronous operation during opening and closing 5. The telescopic arm should be installed as close to the lower side as possible

Scope Of Application

Maximum Fan Width Maximum Fan Is High Maximum Open Angle
1300mm 2000mm <18°

Device for preventing gear tripping and limiting during transmission of plastic steel transmission

Technical field
●The utility model relates to the technical field of building door and window hardware, in particular to a device for preventing gear tripping and limiting during transmission of a plastic steel transmission. Background technique
●When the user is operating or opening the window, it often appears that the window cannot be opened when the window handle is operated, and there is no response when the handle is rotated from the locked state to the flat open state. The reason is that the gear of the transmission and the transmission slide have tripped. This situation brings inconvenience to users in life. It is difficult for general users to eliminate these faults. They need to ask professional technicians to open destructively. If there is a fire, the windows cannot be opened normally, which will affect people’s lives. Escape time, therefore, it is necessary to develop a new type of device to prevent gear tripping and limiting during transmission, so that the opening of the window is firmer and more stable.

Summary of the invention
●The technical task of this utility model is to solve the problem that the window cannot be opened and the gear of the transmission is tripped when the existing window is operating the handle, and a device for preventing the gear from tripping and limiting when the transmission is driving is proposed.
●The technical solutions adopted by this utility model to solve its technical problems are:
When the window handle is rotated to the horizontal open state in the locked state, the gear and the transmission slide are coupled from 0 degrees to 90 degrees, and the linear transmission distance is 0mm~17.2m. When the window handle is rotated from the horizontal open state to the inverted state, the gear and The coupling of the transmission slide plate is from 90 degrees to 180 degrees, and the linear transmission distance is 17.2~34.4mm. The zero boundary point of the transmission slide and the gear trip is at the node of 0 degrees and 180 degrees, which is converted to the zero of the linear transmission distance. The boundary points are Omm and 34.4mm. The technology of this utility model is to set the drum on both sides of the transmission slide, that is, to set two limit points on the zero boundary point of Omm and 34.4m respectively, so that the gear and the transmission slide are rotated. When the zero point is reached, the transmission is stopped and the limit is reached.

Description of the drawings
●Figure 1 is a schematic diagram of the transmission limit of the utility model.
1. Skateboard
2. Gear
3. Eccentric locking point
4. Wheel guard
5. Connecting plate




Production Process
Buying Procedures
buying procedures

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